Youth Club

The Youth Club meets regularly 7-pm Tuesdays at the Village Hall (term time.) 
Our age group is 11-17 yrs.
Youth Club programme varies from week to week in response to Club members requests.
The range of activities on offer include –
Cooking – Brownies in a Mug /Pancakes/Cupcake and Smores making
Table Tennis
Wide games like ‘Capture the Flag’
Water sponge fights
Power kite flying
Water slides ( summer only)
Apple bobbing and marshmallow toasting
DJ mixing
Parachute Team games
Board games
Table football
Arts and crafts
Doughnut on a string
Egg Hunts and much more
We are a happy, safe place for young people to have fun, meet and make friends.


The first round of the Donut on a string eating competition:

Group games on the field:


Water games:


It’s a Knock Out! :


Youth Club will close a week before the end of term on 17th July.
We return on September 11th.

Best wishes,

Karen Creed

We also are asking interested parents of Youth Club members to volunteer once a month to help run the club.
Current volunteers enjoy running the group but every now and again we need time off for birthdays, parents evenings at school, holidays and illness so if you could volunteer it would help us enormously.
All volunteers need to have a DBS ( a Safeguarding check ) done which Youth Club pays for but apart from this, the main requirement is that you have a positive outlook on life and are prepared to listen to young people.
Please contact Youth Club staff Tuesdays 7-9pm at the Village Hall to find out more.
Historically, we have found that some parents have been happy to volunteer only to find out that their children are really upset about this happening. We really need young people in the village to let their parents help us as we would like to be able to keep running Youth Club regularly.
We feel it would be unfortunate if we had to close Youth Club for any week outside of our usual closures just because one of us was ill at the same time as another one of us was on holiday or working late.
Many thanks.
Gt Massingham Village Youth Club Staff Team
Karl Andrews
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Massingham Village Hall & Club
West Heath Barn