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The Lions of the North is Rob Ridley’s sequel to The Masters of the Chandelle originally set in an around the local area of Great Massingham and West Norfolk.
Mike and Libby have found themselves an idyllic lakeside retreat in the Canadian forests. Hidden from Wesley and the British secret services they enjoy a brief summertime respite leaving the wintery horrors of Victor Mazarin far behind them.

In an error of judgement, Mike makes a final visit to Norfolk leaving Libby to wait for him in Paris. Wesley is soon on their trail and confronts them once they return to Canada.

Mike and Libby are blackmailed by Wesley into carrying out a secret mission. They have to infiltrate and spy upon a shadowy group of military officers and businessmen. They must find out what the group’s intentions are and report back to Wesley. In a journey that takes them into Western Europe, Scotland and the English north they make startling discoveries.

Things are not what they seem as Wesley plays a double game where he covers his tracks through murders, deception and lies. As the body count increases Mike and Libby know they have to escape from Wesley once and for all. Wesley intends to make sure that will never happen until he has what he wants.

The summer of 1963 is pivotal to the lives of Mike, Libby and Wesley. Find out who prevails in this action-packed sequel and who is left for dead as the trail of death and destruction reaches its conclusion.

The book is available now in paperback from Amazon for £5.99 or £1.99 in Kindle format. If you have any questions please email Rob at raridleywrites@gmail.com.
Rob has also written a contemporary crime thriller set in Naples called Parthenope Reborn. This novel is also available from Amazon.
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