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The Masters of the Chandelle is a thriller set in early sixties Cold War Britain and is the first novel written by Great Massingham resident, Rob Ridley.

The novel’s hero, Mike Armstrong, is a successful criminal who escapes to the tranquillity of a small village in Norfolk, England.

He is soon befriended by a beautiful woman who blackmails him into spying upon a mysterious businessman.

Once entangled in a deadly conspiracy to spy for the British secret services, Mike finds himself in mortal danger trying to uncover the secret plan of a murderous and powerful sociopath.

A vicious struggle ensues between the two men with the fate of world peace hanging in the balance.

Find out if Mike can survive his ordeal and find true love against a backdrop of death and destruction.


The Masters of the Chandelle can be found at the Amazon Bookstore using the following link  goo.gl/OXUdTT  for the paperback version or goo.gl/sOVVUk for the Kindle version.

If you are a resident in Great Massingham you can get in touch with Rob and he will be pleased to get a copy for you. He can be contacted by email at raridleywrites@gmail.com.

Rob has an Author’s Page on Amazon at goo.gl/SEhGSp  and can be followed on Twitter @robwritesnovels. His second novel is a contemporary crime thriller set in Naples and will be published later this year.

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