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As English as a Cup of Tea.

As a mature student I studied social science with the Open University. The very first unit I read was entitled As English as a Cup of Tea. The idea we students were meant to take away was, when you stop and think about it, tea is not English at all. You can say that the unit was simply pointing out the obvious. Yet if we knew this all along, we still went through life accepting the saying ‘As English as a cup of tea’ without question. Things are often not always what they seem when you start to think about them.

As a child, through my early years and right into my later years I carried the idea that writers must be very special. Writing a novel was something way beyond someone like me. To be a writer you had to be highly educated, have lots of time etc, etc, so aspiring to be another Salman Rushdie or Graham Greene was a little crazy. Contemporary writers such as Ray Bradbury and Hilary Mantel prove otherwise. Equally, many other less successful ‘ordinary’ people make a very good living as writers doing something they love.

The reality is writers exist in ALL walks of life and they all have something in common: a desire to write. This can come at any time or place. Mine? Sitting inside a concrete bunker waiting for a storm to pass whilst on one of my working trips to South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. That day I put pen to paper. The first story was never finished, nor was the second but the desire to write never left me. Today, I have written two novels and my third is underway.

Just have a go and ignore anyone who says you can’t write. Their opinions are more than likely based upon their own life experience and are not necessarily applicable to your own. You probably can write, though it may take time to get it right. Be persistent and patient because no writer has ever written the perfect novel. Writers eventually decide the novel is good enough to publish.

So aspiring writers, next time you have a cup of tea (or coffee!) do not believe your dream is simply that. Like your English tea, things are not always what they seem. Close inspection will show all those insurmountable barriers to you writing are simply baseless fears. Lorry drivers can write. Supermarket shelf stackers can write. Builders can write. You can write.

Simply overcome your fears and feed the germ of desire within you.


Rob Ridley

October 17

Parthenope Reborn is a contemporary crime thriller set in and around Naples, Capri and Ischia. This is the second novel written by Great Massingham resident, Rob Ridley.

The Bay of Naples faces a threat that will dwarf even the greatest eruption of Vesuvius.

Englishman Leo Grant travels to Italy in search of love and adventure. Soon after arriving in Naples finds himself enmeshed in deadly crime conspiracy where he meets three beautiful women but only one becomes his lover.

Events spiral out of control and Leo is soon caught up between the Neapolitan Camorra, the American FBI and the Italian Guardia di Finanza as he races to prevent a cataclysmic disaster being inflicted upon modern-day Italy.

Find out what happens to Leo and the cast of characters drawn from across Europe and the USA.


Parthenope Reborn is available now from the Amazon Bookstore.

If you are a resident in Great Massingham you can get in touch with Rob and he will be pleased to get a copy for you. He can be contacted by email at raridleywrites@gmail.com and you can visit his Author’s Page on Amazon . He can also be found on Twitter by searching RARidley.

Rob’s latest project is a sequel to his first novel, The Masters of the Chandelle , and will be published next year.


The Masters of the Chandelle is a thriller set in early sixties Cold War Britain and is the first novel written by Great Massingham resident, Rob Ridley.

The novel’s hero, Mike Armstrong, is a successful criminal who escapes to the tranquillity of a small village in Norfolk, England.

He is soon befriended by a beautiful woman who blackmails him into spying upon a mysterious businessman.

Once entangled in a deadly conspiracy to spy for the British secret services, Mike finds himself in mortal danger trying to uncover the secret plan of a murderous and powerful sociopath.

A vicious struggle ensues between the two men with the fate of world peace hanging in the balance.

Find out if Mike can survive his ordeal and find true love against a backdrop of death and destruction.


The Masters of the Chandelle can be found at the Amazon Bookstore using the following link  goo.gl/OXUdTT  for the paperback version or goo.gl/sOVVUk for the Kindle version.

If you are a resident in Great Massingham you can get in touch with Rob and he will be pleased to get a copy for you. He can be contacted by email at raridleywrites@gmail.com.

Rob has an Author’s Page on Amazon at goo.gl/SEhGSp  and can be followed on Twitter @robwritesnovels. His second novel is a contemporary crime thriller set in Naples and will be published later this year.

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