Community Lunch at the Village Hall, January 14th 2020

Following the great success of our first Community Lunch in November, our next Community Lunch will be at Great Massingham Village Hall on Tuesday January 14th 2020.  Pre-booking essential (see right and below)

Arrive from  12.30 eat at 1pm (Note the slight change in eating time as the yoga group sometimes meet on Tues. morning, and we need enough time to set up.)

Come and meet friends for a chat.


(Please let us know of any special dietary needs, e.g. dairy intolerance, nut allergy or gluten free)

Please Note: If you pre-ordered on November 6th there is no need to fill in another form.

Also, now that we have run our first lunch, we realise that we need to charge £7.50. This price will be set for six months. 

This event is organised by the Village Hall Trustees.

 ADVANCE NOTICE:  February Community Lunch will be on Tuesday 11th. More details at the end of January.


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