Great Massingham Village Yard Sale

Great Massingham 11th Annual Village Yard Sale,Sunday 18th August from 9am-1pm. To be held again the weekend before the Bank Holiday.

The pitch price remains at £5.

Don’t forget – ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ so, if you are planning to throw something away, don’t.  Be honest with yourself when pricing. Some items are valuable for everybody while some not so much. A great tip is to combine a more valuable item with a less valuable one and sell them as a set.
Bottom line, try to make all of your belongings look like new with a bit of spit and polish!

All monies raised from pitch fees go towards church funds.
Some people also donate all their proceeds to other charities.
If you are a tax payer, you can gift aid

your £5 fee to ensure the church receives an extra £1.25.

Envelopes will be available from the church or direct from me.

Contact: Penny Perry at 35 Walcups Lane, Great Massingham
Telephone: 01485 520978   E mail:

Please get in touch & book asap so I can put you on the map.
Maps for buyers, available a week in advance, 50p from me.

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