The Masters of the Chandelle Locations Challenge

Rob Ridley’s first novel, The Masters of the Chandelle, is set in West and North Norfolk and he has created fictional locations based on real buildings or locations.

Using the extracts set out below, the first three individuals to correctly identify at least three locations will receive a free copy of his novel.

You can email your answers to Rob at Just one attempt per person and the challenge ends when the first three sets of correct answers are received by Rob or at midnight on 31st January 2018.  The correct answers will be published on this website after the challenge ends.

  1. In which real market town is the fictional bank set?

The Eastern Counties Bank formed part of a small triangular group of buildings that sat in the center of the market town of Walsham. The triangle had roads on all sides that were currently filled with market stalls. Thursday was market day and this was the bank’s busiest day of the week.

The bank’s large entrance door faced south into the main market square across the road. The stone steps up to the entrance were worn as the past one hundred and fifty years had seen no shortage of custom. The name was something of a misnomer, as no Eastern Counties Bank could be found outside the county of Norfolk. The bank was so successful the directors had decided there was no need for further expansion.

  1. Which real beach does the character Mike walk along?

He turned off on to a track that took him to a massive shingle bank, completely blocking out the view of the sea. Mike got out of the car and walked up to the summit. Looking east and west, the bank stretched off into the distance. The tide was out and exposed the steeply banked shingle dotted with numerous small islands of sand. A few wartime concrete and brick pillboxes sat either way in the distance. The pillboxes were slowly being claimed by the sea and already sinking into the shingle.

  1. On which real ex-RAF base was this large dome situated?

They walked along a track with the perimeter fence of the airfield on one side and small conifers on the other. In the middle distance were the hangars, clearly visible with the dome at the eastern end. Mike knew this would be a good entry point to cross the airfield at night. He estimated he would need to cover a distance of one thousand yards to get to the dome.

  1. This farmhouse complex is situated by a road between Great Massingham and which village?

Mike parked the Maserati by the side of the road that passed the farmhouse. The main building was set back from the road and sat at the base of a small hill that climbed away from what must have been the back garden. Despite the freezing temperature of the early morning, the farmhouse looked almost idyllic in the sunlight, which gave the green of the hill an intensity that was almost like summer in its nature. Above the small hill the sky was cloudless and blue as the brightest of any July day. The whole property was intermittently spread with Scots Pine trees that allowed the light to stream on to the ground.

West Heath Barn
James Amos
Langham Glass
Karl Andrews
Dabbling Duck October