“The Lovat Scouts”


The Lovat Scouts were a Scottish Highland Mounted Brigade on small Highland Horses, known to be stationed in Hunstanton & may be in Massingham or Houghton Hall.

This was all new news to me! The Great Massingham Historical Society had a Display at Docking’s Bank Holiday Historical meet. It was fantastic, like-minded villages displayed their records for all to peruse.

It was strange that nobody was looking at our photos etc. but we all were saying, “Oh, I’ve got some stuff for you” bit like a Stock Exchange!

Then I was handed a folder containing 2 years’ worth of WW1 history totally unknown to us of the Massingham’s (1915/16). Pictures of the 1/2nd Lovat Scouts in Massingham, a photo of 25 Scouts watering their ponies in the Post Office Pit! Also, a Scout on a Motor Bike on Station Road looking north. The amazing thing is the 3 Twinned Chimney Stacks on the Fox & Pheasant, (10 foot tall)

The photos are poor quality so will be trying to get better from their Museum.

Then there are all the Press cuttings describing Concerts, Sport Competitions’, Wedding, Bag Piping, Smoking Competitions. All held in the Club Room behind Rose & Crown, a Barn in Little Massingham, and our School.

All these events were attended by the Local Dignitaries, Dewar, McAnnally, Dring & many more.

Barrack House is now confirmed as their Barracks. There were large amounts of buildings behind here & if you look in the Wall down the Lane there is a bricked-up Arch. It’s just the right size for a Scout on his Pony to enter the Yard beyond.

What a rare find, we will pull it altogether & publish a book.

This is the what our Society is about, finding & recording your Villages History.

Ant Robinson


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