Village Hall Refurbishment is Happening and Well Underway

The Village Hall Refurbishment began on schedule in March and is expected to continue over the next three months. Clearly, there will be some inconvenience to regular users of the Hall but we will seek to minimise it.

What can you expect from the Refurbishment?

Starting at the entrance to the drive, the verges will be cut back either side of the entrance to improve the view down Station Road in both directions and make leaving the Hall safer. There will be a new STOP sign and a new, illuminated, Village Hall Sign. The drive itself will be resurfaced and priority will be given to those coming into the Hall. Alongside the bowls green there will be a separated illuminated pathway, with a slip-resistant surface, which will lead directly to the hall entrance.

The poor old Lambing Yard will be getting a new roof and gutter, new door and window, the wall will be strengthened and along with the outside kitchen wall, will be getting a coat of render to smarten it up. There will be a Village Hall sign on the outside kitchen wall.  The plan is to make the Hall look much more attractive as you arrive.

The Kitchen gets a much-needed makeover with underpinning to the south-facing wall and to the floor. It will be decorated & refitted with two ovens, two hobs, two dishwashers and two fridges. There will be new cupboards that will be equipped with new cutlery and tableware and the plate warmer will be retained.

The door from the Hall to the toilets will be widened to allow easier wheelchair and push-chair access. The toilets will be completely replaced to include disabled & baby-changing facilities. The builders will gut the Toilets, Lambing Yard and Kitchen first so there will be a time when particularly the loos are out of action. Don’t worry, if you need to ‘spend a penny’ you will be able to use the recently refurbished toilets in the Changing rooms.

Update – April

Refurbishment of the Village Hall gets Underway

After seven years of consultation, planning, fund-raising, ‘grant getting’, updating the Hall’s governance and with financial support from the Parish Council, the builders finally moved in on 11th March.

Within the first week the kitchen has been gutted, including the old boiler cupboard, and work completed to stabilise the walls and floor where some movement has occurred over the years. It will be necessary to bind the outside kitchen wall together as well to prevent further cracks, particularly as we will render the front-facing walls.

The toilets have been stripped out too and, at the time of writing, the builders are moving on to strengthen the roof and walls of the ‘Lambing Yard’. The next move will be to make the improvements to the entrance and driveway which is scheduled to be completed around mid-April.

Clearly, the refurbishment is causing some inconvenience for which the Trustees apologise but, please be patient as the result will be worth it and should be realised by mid-June.

When the building work on the kitchen is completed, we will be seeking to fully equip it. We still have some fundraising to do for this.    Hall Trustees

Further Update – May

Happenings at the Village Hall!

You may have seen there’s a lot happening at the Hall as the refurbishment has well and truly got underway.  Apart from an issue with finding traces of asbestos in the old floor of the ladies’ loos which has all been safely removed but has added to the costs of completing the toilets, it’s all been relatively plain sailing.

So far, most of the usual activities held at the Hall have been able to continue with just the minor inconvenience of having to use the changing room toilet facilities. The Trustees thank you for your patience whilst the work is in progress and hope that, by the end of the month, you will see it’s all been worthwhile.

Regarding funding, we are very grateful to the Parish Council for being so supportive, as the major contributor, by donating £75,000 for the project. Also, we have made our first claim for the initial part of our WREN grant and there’s good news too about two other smaller awards we’ve received during April. The Trustees applied for support both from the Borough Council Small Grants Scheme and The Garfield Weston Foundation (a family-founded, charitable grant-making foundation) which supports a wide range of causes across the UK. We are pleased to report that we were successful in both cases. These two awards, however, were smaller than we were hoping for but, nevertheless, very welcome. Consequently, to complete the work, we will have to reach further into our reserves than we would like.

 (See picture right which shows the new path being installed)


The Trustees would appreciate any financial contribution – small or large.  Such contributions can be made to Vic Cross or by bank transfer to the

Co-operative Bank account, Sort code 08 92 99   Account number 65693630 00.

Hopefully, after a few more weeks of inconvenience, we will be left with a Village Hall of which we can all be proud.

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