Village Hall and Bar are Opening up on September 3rd

The Hall and Bar are beginning a trial opening during September, to see if it is viable. Please read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions & Answers’ below to give you an idea of  the procedures. Remember to adhere to the one way system and to sign in.       

Help us to make this work! See Bar details right.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Re-opening of the Village Hall & Bar

Have you put your prices up to cover the cost of the closure?     No, our prices remain the same for September.

Can we bring our own chairs and sit outside in our family groups?   Yes.

Will there be table service for ordering drinks?   No, one member of the group will have to go to the bar and buy the drinks for the group.

Will we have to sign in? Yes, a member of your group, bubble, must sign in and give a contact telephone number at the bar before you can be served.

Will hand sanitiser be provided? Yes, as you enter and leave the bar, also in the toilets (along with bacterial/virus preventative spray).

Can we bring our own food and eat outside or inside? Yes, we are happy for you to bring food e.g. a takeaway from local pubs or chips from the van, but you must buy your drinks from the bar.

How do we pay? Like the village shop, we prefer you to pay contactless.

Will there be a one way system in the bar?  Yes, you will enter near the snooker room and exit near the tennis courts.

Will the toilets be available for people drinking outside?   Yes, if your group has been signed in at the bar. You must use the one way system.

What do we do with dirty glasses?   There will be a used glass area, inside and out, where you can leave your glasses.

Will I be able to sit at the bar?    No, you will buy your drinks and take them to a table.

Do I have to wear a mask inside the building?    No, but if you feel safer wearing a mask to order your drinks, or go to the toilet, you may do that. It is your choice.

Can we still play pool?      Yes, but cues must be returned to the bar for cleaning after each game.

Will the snooker room be open?      Yes, for regular snooker players who have devised their own safety protocol.

Please note: Other regular events such as Film Night (September 17th), Quiz Nights and Craft & Chat are beginning to open up. See the Mallard for these details. 

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