Thank you from Robert Taylor

“In these days of protective laws and rules, which many bigger organisations including Government departments repeatedly ignore I think it extremely gratifying that the staff and volunteers in the village businesses and other organisations go above and beyond when it comes to assisting blind / partially sighted folk like me.

A massive thank you to Mark, Kerry and staff at the village store for their continued assistance in marching up and down the shelves in a bid to find some of my more obscure requests and never spilling the beans to my wife when we shop together that I might, sometimes, add a chocolate bar to my list! Mark, Sally, and the team at the pub are also extremely tolerant of me when Jane and I go in for a drink or bite to eat; the cleaning staff, of course, are among the politest and most courteous in the world! An “inn-joke!

I feel rather mortified that I cannot recall the names of the owners and staff at the farm-shop who attend me with equal care. We have spent several lovely evenings, especially in the summer months, visiting to social club at the village and a big thank you is owed to Vic and the staff /volunteers who are on hand to assist me with small matters like making sure they let me know where my pint is, nothing worse than the careless destruction of an untouched beer by a searching hand!


Robert Taylor

West Heath Barn
Karl Andrews
Massingham Village Hall & Club
Community Cars
Parsley Barn