Tesco – Bags of Help


Bags of Help     

 We have been picked as one of the charities for the two-month slot September and October in Swaffham Tesco. (Tesco allocate the store by postcode) If you know anyone who shops there please encourage them to post their blue discs ( you get them when you pay) in Great Massingham Village Hall as you leave the store.

If we come first we get up to £3,000, second £2000 and third £1000 so we have nothing to lose. Please spread the word.


NB: Some till operatives forget to give you a blue token/disc, remind them and you will get one. Ask for more than one if you spend a lot of money. If you go through self-service the tokens are near the machines in a pot and you help yourself.


If you shop in another branch of Tesco hand your blue tokens in at the social club bar and we’ll take them into Swaffham.

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