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Great Massingham Church of England, Voluntary Controlled, Primary School has all the attributes of a long-established village school and plays an important part in our village and rural community. Many of our existing pupils have parents and grandparents who also started their education here, which means a wide cross-section of local people give their support. The School draws a unique strength from its success in fostering a close-knit, family atmosphere where staff, pupils, parents and governors work closely together to ensure that all our pupils have the opportunity to develop and reach their full potential.

We are also fortunate that we have established strong links with our neighbouring village school – Harpley Church of England, Voluntary Controlled, Primary School. After a successful partnership between the two Schools, from 2013 to 2015, the two Governing Boards agreed to put everything on a firmer footing and form a federation. This began in September 2015 and continues to go from strength to strength with Mrs Ann Beardall as the Headteacher. The Federation means the two schools now have just one Governing Board. Our governors possess a wide range of expertise and show real commitment in supporting the two schools to continue to drive school improvement and success. Ofsted has graded both schools as GOOD schools. The recent Ofsted Inspection, in December 2018 the GOOD rating was retained. The Inspector said that the school ‘ethos’ was central to its continued improvement and that  behaviour is a strength of the school where children are friendly and polite. The inspector praised the children’s attitudes to learning.

Great Massingham Primary School caters for children from Foundation Stage (Reception/rising 5) through to Year Six (age 11). Children then usually transfer to the nearby, popular Litcham High School.

The original building is traditional Victorian style, founded in 1874. The School, besides having three class bases, a hall, a kitchen and an office also benefits from a modern, well-equipped library that was new in 2008, a new staff building, a pavilion style group room, up to date ICT resources, colourful playground markings and a recently installed Trim Trail, adventure areas, a playing field and a school garden with raised beds where children ‘grow their own’. The School has also been part of the village ‘Biodiversity Project’ and has helped to clear and replant what is known as the School Pond area in Weasenham Road, in the village.                                                                                                                                         

The school grounds have delightful views of the Church of St Mary’s and rolling fields and woods beyond. The playing fields are secure and spacious and the programme of environmental improvements over the last few years has seen the establishment of two ‘wild’ areas, tree planting and a log trail.




Some of the areas around the school are shown below    …………..



Pictures of areas around the School;

From left to right: Gardening Club, The School Library and The School pavilion.


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