Remembering Derick Drewery 23rd March

There will be a special evening at Great Massingham Village Hall beginning at 7,30pm on Saturday 23rd March to remember the late Derick Drewery.  The evening will mainly consist of the screening of recordings of Derick’s memorable performances in pantomimes and Old Time Music Hall shows. With his acts such as Sir Drunkalot in the pantomime “Hamalott”, Crackpot Sam in “Cannibals and Coconuts”, as a member  of the Mustava Maydam Istayk eastern act, a ventriloquist’s dummy in “Father George and Friends or as the infamous Massingham Muckspreader; sprinkled with one or two anecdotes about his life from those who knew him, it is bound to be a fun evening.

Entry will be free but donations can be made to Tapping House. Copies of the compilation DVD will also be available.

Andrew Bickerton.

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