Pre-School – Ducklings

Based in the rural village of Great Massingham, Norfolk, the preschool is on the grounds of the village primary school. A small, highly qualified and experienced staff team enable children to be supported to reach their full potential.

Opening Times

Sessional care

Monday to Friday during term time

9am-12 / 12-3pm

For breakfast and high tea 8-9am / 3-4pm/ 4-5pm / 5-6pm

Please enquire

Fees and Funding

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours funded childcare from the term after their 3rd birthday. 

30 hours funded childcare available for eligible 3 and 4 year olds. 

15 hours funded childcare for eligible 2 year olds. 

9am-12noon £11

12-3pm £11


Bookings are being taken for 2017 and 2018. 

To book your  visit please email


Ducklings December and January News……………

Lights ,camera, action. Amazing performances by Rudolf et al and thanks to Lily who came in at short notice as an understudy at December’s shared production with school. Next year we will be needing somewhere else with a bigger stage so the sledge doesn’t fall off, microphones and some heating so Rudolf’s nose doesn’t turn blue.

Castles and dragons for a week meant lots of dressing up as characters, a history lecture on a time before cars, dragon painting and on one day we ran up and down Castle Acre castle because we wanted to. We were pleased to discover what was first thought to be a large fairy door ( something we know all about but you don’t because you are older than us ) but the general conclusion was that it was actually something else. The cardboard castle morphed into HMP Great Massingham. Burglar Bill turned out to be a really good guy who returned the stolen goods and went on the right path. Ethics for 2 year olds. A dad had made a lock board for us with a combination of padlocks, key locks, and bolts. The level of concentration from each child as they worked on picking the locks probably should give some cause for concern if it wasn’t about the EYFS developing fine motor skills. No really, it was. Book of the week was definitely Cops and Robbers by  A. Ahlberg.  The  HMP is undergoing another paint job and will be a twitcher’s  hide complete with binoculars and sightings checklist by Monday morning of the RSPB Garden Bird Watch week.  Is there a difference between a birdwatcher and a twitcher? More phonics, ssssss,  aaaaa,  tttttt. Think hissing snake, ants up the arm and tennis. And the woolly mammoth is back again.

Ducklings News….. November ..
Head, shoulders, knees, and toes has a tune, try and make one up to stomach, heart, and lungs, breathing, blood and where your food goes. Me, myself and I also included sharing photos of our parents as children. Wasn’t this a party game?
We went on a Bear Hunt, found a toad, made him a house and squelch squelched in the mud. One unnamed child ate the mud pie.
In our history session, we dressed up as Guy Fawkes and his supporters vs King James and his soldiers to explain bonfire night. We used old spray bottles to make firework pictures.
On Sunday 12th preschool was represented at the Remembrance service.
Covey the dog and Billy the budgie will be visiting our little vets at preschool. It’s too cold for the tortoise.

newsletter november 2017 Ducklings

Ducklings October News………………

All together to the tune of ‘I’m a little tea pot’.  I’m a little hedgehog, brown and small, very prickly, not that tall when I’m feeling frightened, away I crawl, and curl up in a tiny ball. Twelve hedgehogs sang cheerfully about harvest as the dragon slept below the grating. If you are way over five you think that the dragon is either fog or someone has set the church furnace going, we know better.

When you are 2 and learning numbers the binary code is a good start for our digital age. Collecting conkers in buckets on our walk on the green and numbers start to be more than cut out shapes.

Our little library of bedtime books and mini story sacks are well used by mums and dads so if anyone happens to visit Waterstones, think of us.

So is 0 a number or n0t?


Ducklings Preschool News…….. What’s Been Happening in September?

Rousseau’s Tiger was ‘Surprised’ at our children’s version of tiger faces made from paper plates, lots of orange paint and tissue paper.
For the newest 2 year olds, running the tap in the bathroom is just as fascinating as painting ‘grass’ for the jungle picture using both hands. They are a bright lot as they have worked out that more paint means more water.
Everyone is an elephant’s child. Then we bopped to hey hey we’re the monkeys, I’m the king of the jungle and the eye of the tiger. No prizes for putting into chronological order.
Our circle story time hasn’t quite come together yet. The circle tends to have a few parabolic curves as something else attracts attention and the little person makes a bee line for whatever. Hence the transport theme this week – D D D Digger, C C C Car, B B B Bus, T T T Train. Toy car wheels make great paint patterns and tracks on paper and using the principle of gravity the same cars go much faster down a ramp, until someone sat on it.

Oh what fun we have at Preschool. Always something to discover!


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Dabbling Duck October
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