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Speed Monitoring Signs

Great Massingham Parish Council has recently acquired new speed monitoring signs to help reduce the speed of traffic through our village. This equipment, which was part-funded by Norfolk County Council, will record the speed of every approaching vehicle. The information can then be downloaded and passed to the Parish Council and used to inform the police of where and when most speeding occurs so that appropriate action can be taken.

There are three sites at present and the sign will be rotated between them every four weeks. Every two weeks the sign will be turned to face the opposite direction. In this way, we hope to encourage drivers to drive responsibly and perhaps catch those who don’t.

The sign lights up at 27 mph and displays a warning message to vehicles travelling over 30 mph. The Community Speed Watch Team will be responsible for moving the sign and downloading the information. Should you wish to be part of the team please contact me on 01485 520307.

Andrew Bickerton


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