Mike Tilbury Award – Deborah Reeve

Presentation of Award to Deborah Reeve.


On Thursday 25th June Deborah Reeve received the first Mike Tilbury Award in recognition of her contribution to the community of Great Massingham over many years. Appropriately the award was presented at a bingo night which Deborah has been running, supported by husband Rod, for over thirty years. Deborah also acted for many years as treasure and book keeper for the Village Hall since 1981.

The award was presented by Vic Cross, Chairman of the Parish Council, and Isobel Tilbury, widow of the late Mike Tilbury. Isobel read the following letter from Mike’s sons, Paul and Richard, who are living in North America:

“On behalf of my brother Richard and myself we are delighted that Deborah is the first recipient of the Mike Tilbury Award. We have known your family for many years, both Richard and I playing football with Roddy many years ago when we were still young lads. Dad was a huge fan of your family, the way you have always supported others in the village and been community leaders. He would be delighted that Deborah was chosen for this recognition and on his behalf we wanted to make sure that we extended our congratulations as well.

Both Richard and I miss the village but, even though we live in North America, so far away, feel connected to Massingham in a way that is difficult to explain. It was and always will be a significant part of our life.”

Isobel has added, “In the year since Mike died, I have felt supported and loved by the people in Massingham, and am very fortunate to live here. Thank you Great Massingham.”

Deborah received an inscribed shield and a large shield with each recipient’s name will be kept at the Village Hall.

The Mike Tilbury Award has been set up by Great Massingham Parish Council in memory of Mike Tilbury who served as borough councillor for many years and contributed a great deal to our community. It is to be awarded biennially to persons who have contributed voluntarily to improve the lives of residents.

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