Biodiversity Project – 2019 Report and Notification of AGM

The ‘Great Massingham Biodiversity Project’ AGM will be held at Great Massingham Village Hall on Monday 24th February at 7.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend to discuss our progress and share environmental concerns. Tea/coffe afterwards.

Biodiversity Project – 2019 report

…………Last year saw significant further progress at the biodiversity site. In addition to regular maintenance, our dozen or so active volunteers laid a new path to complete a circular walk around the pond and created a species-rich rough meadow using soil from previous excavations and path-making. (See picture) Volunteers also sowed or planted winter aconites, wood anemones, spindle trees, butcher’s broom, Russian comfrey, teasels, mullein and fringed water lilies and arranged a well-attended Open Afternoon at the site in July. Printed guides to plants of seasonal interest have also been prepared and are now available from a holder by the information board. These activities enjoyed continuing support from our Parish Council – both essential and much appreciated. In the autumn, the group made a rewarding visit to the East of England Fruit Collection at the headquarters of the East of England Apples & Orchards Project, West Raynham.

Besides creating an attractive and instructive place to visit, the biodiversity project has, from the start, been attempting to compensate for the loss of biodiversity that has accompanied intensive arable farming, a course of action that reflects people’s growing worries about the state of our natural environment. Such concerns are, at last, taking centre-stage internationally after 40 years of handwringing since the first world climate conference in Geneva (1979) and evermore grim news about the poor state of our climate and ecology (e.g., ).

Unsurprisingly, more people than ever are giving-over some of their garden space to helping wildlife; more farmland, roadside verges and other public spaces are being managed with wildlife in mind. Even the Archers at Ambridge have decided to re-wild part of Brookfield Farm! The Biodiversity Project operates in this spirit and wishes to encourage further developments along these lines.

    Mike Jackson (Chairman)



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