Car Parking Causes Problems

The issue of cars parking on footpaths in the village was raised at the Parish Council meeting on 21st August. Cars blocking or partially blocking footpaths are a real problem for pedestrians, particularly those with push chairs or walking aids. It can be quite dangerous when people are forced to avoid the offending vehicle by walking into the road. Parking on footpaths is also an offence. The problem is of particular concern along Abbey Road as is demonstrated by the picture.


Residents are asked to avoid obstructing our footpaths when parking their cars. Cars parked properly on the road may inconvenience other drivers but actually, help to slow the traffic through our village.

Temporary no parking signs will be placed along the Abbey Road footpath which may be replaced by permanent signs if proved successful.

Andrew Bickerton

West Heath Barn
Langham Glass
Parsley Barn
James Amos
Karl Andrews