Go to Town Bus – What has been achieved. Use it Don’t lose it!
For the residents of Great Massingham, there are now :
 4 services per day to & from King’s Lynn – connecting with Stagecoach X8 at Harpley
 A daily service (Monday to Friday) to and from Fakenham and Morrisons
 Saturday services between King’s Lynn and Great Massinghaam
Three and a half years ago, there were none of these services.
The launch of the two new services, for which we campaigned for the residents of Massingham,
Harpley, the Kiptons, Helhoughton, West Raynham, Pudding Norton, Docking,
Bircham, Flitcham, Anmer, Monks Close, Hillington and South Wootton, took place on
Saturday July 2nd in Great Massingham.
I would like to thank all who came along to show their support for our campaigning and
thank you also to those who sent us their apologies for not being able to attend the event.
I also need to thank all of the village residents who argued the case of a need for a bus
service for Great Massingham via the petition narratives and signatures which we canvassed
door-to-door during the winter of 2012 and urge them, as did Carol Bower, Deputy
Mayor, and John Dobson, County Councillor to try out and use the new bus services.
They will save you petrol costs, parking costs, wear and tear on your vehicle – and to
quote Carol Bower – ‘wear and tear on yourself’!
There was extensive press coverage of the ‘Go to Town’ bus launch in both the Eastern
Daily Press & Your Local Paper and front page news in the Lynn News of Tues. July 5th.
We are truly grateful to Mark and his team at the Dabbling Duck for not only hosting the
launch but providing free tea and coffee too. John and I can only re-iterate our thanks to
Great Massingham Parish Council for its injection of funds into the bus project and its
support of the project.
I am now ‘logged off’ from the bus project.
If you have any queries about either of the new bus services, please contact Richard
Pengelly at West Norfolk Community Transport on 01553 776971
Yvonne Bridger
Many, many thanks to Yvonne and John Bridger, The Parish Council and everyone else
involved in this worthwhile, successful campaign. Use it or Lose it to ensure our hard
fought for bus service continues and all this work is not in vain.
Monday July 11th, the first day of ‘route 2’ was amazing – 16 passengers boarded
the bus in Docking alone! It was full by the time it reached Hillington!
It would be fantastic if Massingham could match this level of use and turn-out.

New Bus Service for Great Massingham – West Norfolk Community Transport is delighted to announce the start of a new, scheduled bus service through Great Massingham from the 4th of April 2016.


Monday to Friday times                                            am                    am                           pm                   pm

Fakenham Morrisons                                                                                                              12.45

Fakenham Oak Street                                                                                                              12.55

Great Massingham Church                                            7.44                     9.38                       1.38                    5.42

Great Massingham Surgery                                          7.48                      9.41                       1.41                    5.45

Harpley St. Lawrence Close                                           7.53                      9.46                       1.46                    5.50

Back Street Millers Lane                                                7.55                      9.48                       1.48

Harpley Turn A148                                                          7.59                      9.52                       1.52                     5.53

QE Hospital                                                                      8.23                     10.12                      2.12                     6.12

Kings Lynn Bus Station                                                  8.40                     10.25                      2.25                     6.25

                                                                                 am                      pm                     pm                        pm                 pm

Kings Lynn Bus Station                                       9.45                      1.45                     4.35                     4.45                5.45

QE Hospital                                                            9.56                      1.56                                                 4.56                5.56

Harpley Turn A148                                              10.13                      2.13                     5.05                    5.13                6.13

Back Street Millers Lane                                    10.16                      2.16                       R                         R                      R

Harpley St. Lawrence Close                               10.18                      2.18                     5.08                   5.16                    R

Great Massingham Surgery                               10.22                      2.22                     5.11                   5.19                    R

Great Massingham Church                                10.25                      2.25                     5.13                   5.21                    R

Fakenham Oak Street                                         11.03

Fakenham Morrisons                                          11.10

R = this bus drops off here on request to the driver

The 4.35 bus from Kings Lynn runs on college days with no need to change at Harpley Turn – the 4.45 runs during college holidays.

The new service will link the village with King’s Lynn with four return services each day, Monday to Friday and also provide a daily return service to Fakenham, also from Monday to Friday. There is potential for a Saturday service later in the year. This service, which is supported by Parish Councils, Norfolk County Council and key organisations along the route, will be the first conventional bus service to be operated by West Norfolk Community Transport.

The bus service will be branded ‘Go Bus’. A distinctive logo and colour scheme are being developed for the bus, but this may not be fully ready by launch date. Key features of the service are as follows:

1.  The service will be scheduled and run to a fixed time table – no need to book.

2.  Bus stops will be at the Church and the Massingham Medical Practice.

3.  Fares can be paid on board. Contactless card payment equipment will be installed later this year.

4.  Valid Bus Passes will be accepted subject to normal carrier conditions. (over 60’s passes not valid on 7.44 am bus)


www.wnct.co.uk West Norfolk Community Transport (WNCT) is a Company Limited by Guarantee,

Registered Charity Number 1069180.

Tel: 01553 776971

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