BUS SERVICE September 2017

The Go to Town bus service has been running for about a year now and ‘West Norfolk Community Transport’ is pleased to announce, with the support of Great Massingham Parish Council, an increase and improvements to the bus service for the village from:

Monday 4th September 2017

Features of the new timetable include:
• Buses to Lynn routed via Gayton instead of to Harpley to join the Stagecoach service.
• The morning ‘College Bus’ will leave earlier & go to Gayton and connect with Lynx’s 48 to
Lynn – through tickets available. Similar arrangements on last bus back home.
• Buses in the middle of the day will go straight through to and from Lynn (also serving the Hospital)
with no need to change on route.
• Two shopping buses to Lynn a day during the week – one morning, one afternoon – both giving
almost three hours in town.
• Three buses a day during the week to Fakenham.
• New Saturday link from Kipton Wood to Lynn.

Please see new timetable below..

Bus Service September 17

Buses to King’s Lynn

Dep: Gt Massingham        Arr. King’s Lynn                        Notes
Mon to Fri 07.36                           08.20                                      Connect to Lynx 48 at Gayton
Mon to Fri 10.16                            10.51
Mon to Fri 13.16                            13.51
Mon to Fri 15.37                            16.15
Saturday 10.53                              11.27
Saturday 15.20                              15.52

Buses to Fakenham Town Centre & Morrisons/Health Centre

Dep: Gt Massingham            Arr. Fakenham Oak St           Notes
Mon to Fri 09.00                         09.27                                           Connects to Norwich & Wells @ Morrisons
Mon to Fri 10.16                          10.50                                            Continues to Morrisons/Health Centre
Mon to Fri 13.56                          14.30                                            Connects to Norwich & Wells @ Morrisons

Buses Home From King’s Lynn

Dep: King’s Lynn             Arr. Gt. Massingham                Notes
Mon to Fri 09.45                       10.16                                                Connect to Lynx 48 at Gayton
Mon to Fri 13.25                        13.56
Mon to Fri 16.35                        17.11                                                Leaves 16.40 when college closed.
Mon to Fri 17.45                        18.15                                                Catch Lynx 48 to Gayton & connect with GTT
Saturday 10.00                          10.31
Saturday 14.25                           14.56

Buses Home from Fakenham Town Centre / Oak St

Dep: Fakenham Oak St      Arr. Gt. Massingham            Notes
Mon to Fri 09.45                        10.18                                               From Morrisons 09.35       to connect Oak St.
Mon to Fri 12.45                         13.18                                               From Morrisons 12.42        to connect Oak St
Mon to Fri 14.55                         15.39                                               From Morrisons 14.42        to connect Oak St




The bus service will be branded ‘Go Bus’. A distinctive logo and colour scheme are being developed for the bus, but this may not be fully ready by launch date. Key features of the service are as follows:

1.  The service will be scheduled and run to a fixed time table – no need to book.

2.  Bus stops will be at the Church and the Massingham Medical Practice.

3.  Fares can be paid on board. Contactless card payment equipment will be installed.

4.  Valid Bus Passes will be accepted subject to normal carrier conditions. (over 60’s passes not valid on 7.44 am bus)



www.wnct.co.uk West Norfolk Community Transport (WNCT) is a Company Limited by Guarantee,

Registered Charity Number 1069180.

Tel: 01553 776971

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