Biodiversity Project – Saturday 8th July

Biodiversity Project – next working party

 The next working party will be on Saturday 8th July meeting at the biodiversity site off the Weasenham Road at about 10 am.

As usual, there will be a mid-morning break for tea/coffee and biscuits. A major task will be to clear the bonfire site at the west end of the wood and prepare it for sowing a range of under-storey species, including foxgloves and white campion. A small area in the wild flower meadow will also need to be prepared for seeding with yellow rattle.

New members will be especially welcome. Gardening gloves and strong shoes are recommended and a rake or fork would also be helpful.

The photograph shows the extensive re-greening of the north side of the pond that has followed the wintertime excavation and enlargement of the pond.

Notable on closer inspection are crowded seedlings of starwort, a floating aquatic with rosetted leaves.

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