Massingham’s Robert Taylor’s 310K Blind Walk/Run For East Anglia Air Ambulance

Robert Taylor, a resident of Great Massingham and registered blind started this challenge on Friday 1st May with a target of raising £2,000 to raise  funds for the East Anglian Air Ambulance to enable them to purchase much needed PPE for its staff and volunteers and attend call-outs in safety. None of us will ever know when we might need their service so he hopes people can give generously at:

In the first week he has covered nearly 100km and has raised in excess of £1,800. We want to let everyone in Great Massingham know so that they have the opportunity to donate and help Robert reach the target. He started with a 12km run on the first day, followed by two days of walking before setting off for another 12km run on day 4, two more days walking and, finally, a third run on day 7. This will be repeated until the end of the month. He hopes to achieve the 310km target well before the end of the month, after which it will just be a matter of seeing how far he can get.

Robert’s wife, Jane, is joining him for the walks and taking photographs, as they go, to record the event. They are trying to visit as many villages in the vicinity of Great Massingham, their home base. So far they have taken in both the Massinghams, Harpley, West Acre, Castle Acre, Weasenham and Rougham. They are also collecting pictures of the villages signs, as they go.

It would be great if they can raise well in excess of their initial target and it would be great if the people of the Massinghams can help. In addition, if donators are able to click the Gift Aid button, this will add an extra 25% from the Government, for this most worthy of causes.

Daily updates can be seen on the above link and progress can also be followed on Strava where Robert’s routes will be posted up, at the completion of each walk / run.

A massive thank you to each and everyone of you who have contributed to this amazing charity already and thank you, in advance, to those of you who are about to donate.

Many thanks and kind regards, Robert.

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