Battles Over 11th November 2018

On Sunday 11th November Great Massingham will be taking part in the nation’s commemoration of the end of the First World War one hundred years ago.

The proceedings will commence in St Mary’s Church at 5.15pm with a restaging of “Lest We Forget” from 2014 which commemorated the start of the war. For those of you who did not attend this production “Lest We Forget” includes poems, letters, songs and music from 1914-1918 with graphic scenes to illustrate them. Entrance is free but donations to the Royal British Legion are welcome.

At the end of the production, we will move to the village green and assemble around our beacon. The Tribute to the Millions will then be read.

The beacon will be lit at 7.00pm and at 7.05pm our bells will join thousands of bells across the country as a Cry for Peace.

There will also be a display created from the impressive detailed research completed by Geoff Randall. This will be on show throughout the following week when the church is open.

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