Are You Interested in Gardening?

Would You like to Volunteer? SCHOOL GARDEN CLUB For many years our village Primary School children have enjoyed their time in the school garden, growing vegetables and flowers and learning about organic growing, the development of seeds and cuttings and selling what they did not eat to fund the next season’s activities.

What started as a voluntary ‘after school activity’ was taken up as part of the curriculum for all the children to take part. Unfortunately, the keen and enthusiastic helpers have, for many reasons, found themselves unable to continue this year. Julian, Sandy Joyce and I are sincerely hoping that there are some good souls out there who might take this project over. It involves 3 hours, once a week during the summer term, weather permitting.

Basic garden knowledge would be helpful, but enthusiasm, patience and commitment are the main essentials. I would be happy to continue with organisation; purchasing seeds and equipment as needed, planning beds and the lessons if that would help, but only if any volunteers were happy for me to do so. This happy time, once a week, would perhaps suit friends or Mums and Dads with a few hours to spare.

The youngsters certainly enjoy themselves and so do their helpers! PLEASE, please give this some thought and save this activity from collapsing.

If you would like to know more about what is involved please contact me on 01485 520495 or email Thank you, Liz Foster.

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